Important message to New Posters (& Existing ones)

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Nov 4, 2007
Welcome to the Elastix forums.

You will find a wide range of people who are most willing to help you solve your questions about Elastix.

Please remember 99%+ of the users of this forum are not paid for helping others. They do so out of interest, dedication to the project, interested in learning more by helping others, want to impart their knowledge to help others, amongst many other reasons. As such they have jobs where they earn money to feed, clothe, and house the family so their time is limited.

Make your question as direct as possible, with all the information that you believe will be needed. The more effort you put into the question, the more effort others will feel like putting into answering your question.

One of the other main issues is that many first time posters forget to tell people what version of Elastix they are using. There are currently 30 releases of Elastix since 2006, so the version does mean a lot. Fair enough we are probably talking about the last 5-6 versions, but even those 6 have some real major changes, and the answer given could be totally wrong.

If you are using Elastix 2.0 onwards, there is now a VERSION module in Elastix, up in the top right corner of GUI near ABOUT US * HELP * LOGOUT. If you can't see it, you can perform a yum update elastix at the linux prompt and this will update the Elastix GUI to incorporate this option. This will list the versions of all major products installed in Elastix. Generally, you will know the components that are important to list the versions, otherwise add all the versions to the bottom of your forum post.

If you have a problem with IAX trunks, then include your trunk configuration as well.

If you have physical trunk issues, let us know what hardware you have (e.g. TE122P)

If you updated your system with yum, let us know that you have and what version you are know on.

If you installed fresh off an Elastix ISO, let others know what ISO file you used.

If you have performed an update with Freepbx, let others know. If your issue is with queues, check what Freepbx Queue module you have installed.

How many times do you so forum posts with one line questions, and subsequently the next three posts is the same author going "Bump!" "Bump!" "Bump!". Put the time and effort in, and you will find that many will be happy to answer your question or at least put you on the right track.
Not open for further replies.

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