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Discussion in 'General' started by Chilling_Silence, Mar 16, 2010.

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    How keen would people be for an OpenVPN Server GUI?

    If somebody can do the GUI side of things, I can give you most of what you'd need to know in a few shell commands to do the rest, it'd mostly just be a matter of taking a few things in a "first run" wizard (Like Email address and things that OpenVPN needs for Keys), then a couple of other basic settings like the Port for it to run on and a way to easily generate a new Key.

    Again, I could probably provide pretty much everything in terms of the backend work, but it's just a matter of somebody writing a nice GUI module for it?

    This could be used then for Elastix -> Elastix links (A client module would be very easy to write), and also for Elastix -> Endpoints.

    Who's keen to help with writing a GUI? I was going to put this in GSOC page but apparently submission has been made.


  2. Kalama Sutra

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    Re:Idea: OpenVPN Server GUI - Automate setup / key


    There's a fellow in another FLOSS set of software you might want to contact via their on-line forums.

    Ya can't make this up :laugh:

    cheeseman is the chief support for and moderator for the Zerina mod over a Knows his stuff B)

    He lives in Cheddar, Somerset, UK ... 'bout 11,691 miles (via Google Earth) from Wellington, NZ . Can't be much further from you than that ! << well N. or S. Island would make a difference :woohoo: >>

    Hopefully he's thawed by now ... heavily snowed in last January. :blink:



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