Idea: Basic "presence" through DND status

Discussion in 'General' started by Chilling_Silence, Mar 16, 2010.

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    It's relatively easy to set a phone to DND with the feature codes, and I have a business who's wanting to use that as a basic "Presence" system (DND when not available or away from desk).
    What they want is a way to show this on a WebGUI and also have the ability for certain people to change certain Extensions.
    Ex: When you leave your Home (Ext 400) and get into the Office (Ext 500) you realize you forgot to change your status to DND, so login to the WebGUI to do-so.
    Setting the different "Statuses" such as Away, Lunch, Busy, Meeting for example all set the "DND" status on the phone, but show as the correct status online.
    Where DND is set on the phone using *78 for example, it could simply show as "DND" on the WebGUI

    It's incredibly basic, but could work very well. FOP2 is looking to do something similar, but it's taking a while, and it'd be cool to see this put in to the likes of the EOP (Control Panel).




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