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    Since no one ever posts their successful Elastix installations, I figured what the hell I have fifty customers using elastix why not Post one new on this form a week. So here is my first one!

    The College Of Sports Media - www.collegeofsportsmedia.com

    This customers server was installed back in august of last year. It runs about ten phones, and has had a uptime of 99.999%. it is running on a IBM power server.

    What is unique about this installation is that the 40 students in the college are using both the phone,IM,email,and faxing. But what is really Unique is that I was able to make elastix talk with the colleges raido and tv equipment. So the students can take live call from any phone and have it passed to the radio booth. Just like when you call into a live radio station. Since I was able to use a soft-phone on a pc and than pass the call through the sound card to the radio mixing board I saved the college 1300 dollars on a part that would have been needed on a traditional phone system. Instead they had to buy the $150 dollar MIA sound that connect to their boards.

    The College of Sports Media paid about $1000 for their configuration and one years worth of tech support. Their yearly tech support is now due again YAHOOO!!!! Thank you Elastix !!!!!!!!!!

    Stay tuned next week for another success story!!!!!!!<br><br>Post edited by: admin, at: 2008/06/29 19:10
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    Thanks a lot for your post Ichorcom007, it's a great success story.

    We'll add a couple of success stories the next week.

    Thanks again for your post.

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