IBM X3200 : Simple Swap : How to mirror or Image

Discussion in 'General' started by vaibhavs, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. vaibhavs

    Oct 2, 2009
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    My Elastix is running on an IBM 3200 with Simple swap.
    We have purchased a spare HDD (lets call it HDD-2).

    I would like to duplicate my main HDD on to HDD-2.
    In case of any data corruption or HDD crash, I can simply plugin HDD-2.
    My downtime would be less than 2 minutes and data loss will only be limited to CDR.

    I believe I have 2-3 options to achieve this:

    (1) Stop MySQL, Mount HDD-2, Rsync, Unmount HDD-2, Start MySQL.
    Question-1: Is this a good approach ?
    Question-2: Whenever the server boots, and sees 2 HDDs, will it get confused... Not sure!
    Question-3: Can I do RSyn to a blank un-formatted, brand new HDD ?

    (2) Use software like ConeZilla (any other s/w ?) to mirror the 2 HDDs and then use the above approach

    (3) Any other way to take regular backups ??

    (4) Any software which can make images of the HDD.

    How are other members in the forum addressing this issue ?

    Please excuse so many questions.


    PS: I do not have RAID.
  2. ramoncio

    May 12, 2010
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    (1) and (2) would work fine.
    (3) You can use a bash script in crontab to backup exactly what you want, with tar and mysqldump, or also with rsync so you can backup to a remote server periodically.
    (4) You could also use mondoarchive.

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