IAXmodem Randomly Busy / congestion no pickup

Discussion in 'General' started by codatel, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I have just found out about and installed Elastix 0.9.2-4. I am so releaved at finding an alternative to Trixbox. I think it is much much better. Especially I am soo impressed with the Hylafax integration.
    I am facing a problem which has been posted before here.
    http://www.elastix.org/index.php?option ... SY%2FConge
    but has no solution there.
    At first the faxes was working on and off.
    Sometimes the fax extension would pickup and other times it would just hungup striaght away.
    I followed the Fax video tutorial to setup and went over my configuration more than once.
    The other fact is that it did work a few times..
    its just that it does not work all the time.
    Is the a reason why the fax extension randomly does give Busy / Congestion?

    thanks in advance and thankyou elastix on a great solution.

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