IAX or SIP in a new implementation

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    We are implementing elastix on a dedicated server. We are starting and we have created some SIP and IAX extensions. Both are working from outside the server and we do not have any problem connecting to both of them.

    Also we have a DID and we plan to buy more. The DID provider supports IAX and SIP but we weren't able to get it working under IAX. Let's assume this is due to something we have done wrong.

    Considering that most of the extensions will be connecting from outside the server using most of them softphones, we have the following questions:

    - Is it better to have all the extensions with the same protocol (IAX or SIP)
    - Is there any performance issue IAX and SIP extensions?
    - Is there any quality impact on both?

    and finally for this kind of implementation witch one do you recommend us?


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