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    Guys, I am having a little problem sending faxes through elastix...i can receive faxes very well through the virtual fax and the iax extension i created, but i can not send any....as i am quite new in branch, i hope someone will more experience will light my way around:)...from what i understood, to send a fax to the local number 123456789 through elastix+hylafax you have to send an email to 123456789@elastix-machine-address. well, my email goes but the fax does not arrive at the destination. No error message returns, but neither the fax arrives:)....i tried different ways i.e. sending to 123456789@fax.local or 123456789@elastix.local, but none seem to work. am i missing something here?

    thx for help;)
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    Feb 13, 2007
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    What sort of outbound route are you using ???

    Please Can you post asterisk log when you send fax

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