hylafax send random extension to asterisk.

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    When i use HylaFAX Client on my Desctop to send fax i see for example something like this on CLI:
    -- Accepting AUTHENTICATED call from
    > requested format = slin,
    > requested prefs = (),
    > actual format = ulaw,
    > host prefs = (ulaw|alaw|gsm),
    > priority = mine
    -- Executing [90048XXXXXXXXX@from-internal:1] Macro("IAX2/81148-46", "dialout-trunk|1|0048XXXXXXXXX||") in new stack
    And we see he use "IAX2/81148-46" user to send fax. But on print port configuration i set 81058 user.

    So i try many time to send fax always use user 81058 but asterisk use always different "IAX2/xxxxx-xx" to send fax.

    how can i debug communication between Hylafax and asterisk and check why he use random user for sending fax.

    new info:

    i also run always faxstat when i add new job to fax queue

    Modem ttyIAX14(1XXXXXXXXX): Running and idle
    Modem ttyIAX9 (2XXXXXXXXX): Running and idle
    Modem ttyIAX7 (3XXXXXXXXX): Running and idle
    Modem ttyIAX17 (4XXXXXXXXX): Sending job 36(4XXXXXXXXX): Initializing server
    ...later (Modem ttyIAX17 (4XXXXXXXXX): Sending job 36)

    and i send many times this same page on this same virtual hylafax printer and again check result of faxstat and i see he don`t use again ttyIAX17 but ttyIAX9 or ttyIAX14 .... total randomized.<br><br>Post edited by: hetii, at: 2007/10/02 15:45

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