HylaFAX 4.4.0 release

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    The HylaFAX development team is pleased to announce our 4.4.0 release!

    The 4.4 branch of HylaFAX has been in development for the past 4 months. This
    release includes many improvements over the 4.3 branch of HylaFAX and as such,
    is a recommended upgrade.

    Our sincerest thanks go to all who participate in the development and
    testing process.

    The source code for 4.4.0 can be downloaded from:

    (md5: fa086c6654a6ccefb127ac0476101c25 1,227,784 bytes)

    * * *

    HylaFAX 4.4 introduces several new features for HylaFAX:

    * New scheduler core, optimized for batching and large queues
    * Improved faxmail, handling documents independently using the same
    flexible HylaFAX typerules framework used by sendfax
    * Improved JPEG/JBIG support for Class1 and Class2
    * faxq AuditHook for hooking into all faxq events
    * STATUSCODE job paramater to complement the STATE and STATUS parameters
    to allow clients to give customized descriptive messages about the
    status of a job.

    Upgrade to 4.4 from Previous releases
    Things to watch:
    * rerun faxaddmodem - lots of protocol fixes and corresponding config
    option changes
    * rerun faxsetup - changes to the encode selection and use for the
    faxrcvd/notify/pollrcvd scripts

    If upgrading from a release older than 4.3.3, make sure to also look at the upgrade
    information in doc/RELEASENOTES-4.3.txt.

    A complete list of changes in HylaFAX 4.4 is available in file doc/RELEASENOTES-4.4.txt.


    Binary packages for some operating systems and platforms are available.
    Please see:

    http://www.hylafax.org/content/Handbook ... ge_Install

    If you are able and willing to produce a binary package of HylaFAX for
    general distribution, and one is not already available for your platform/OS,
    then you are invited to add it to the Binary_Packages wiki page at

    * SUPPORT *

    HylaFAX has numerous public support resources available. The user is
    encouraged to utilize the manpage documentation before turning to
    other support arenas. However, if other support is desired, or if you
    would like to actively take part in the HylaFAX community, you are
    invited to:

    * join and participate in a HylaFAX mailing list
    See: http://www.hylafax.org/content/Mailing_Lists

    When corresponding about this software, please always specify:
    - what version of HylaFAX you have,
    - what system you're running on (if it is Linux please name the
    - if the problem is modem-related, identify it and the firmware rev
    For example: "HylaFAX 4.4.0 under CentOS 4.4 with gcc 3.4.6;
    ZyXEL 1496E with 6.11a firmware."

    * read the on-line documentation and resources
    See: http://www.hylafax.org/content/Documentation

    * review HylaFAX CVS
    See: http://www.hylafax.org/content/Developers

    * report confirmed bugs, feature requests, and submit patches
    See: http://bugs.hylafax.org/


    The HylaFAX development team

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