HOWTO Patton 4114 4-port FXS gateway

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    Hi guys,

    I have attached a copy of a config template for a Patton 4114 4-port FXS gateway. This could help some one who is trying to configure one of these. it could also apply for the 8-port of the smaller ones too (same concpet)

    This scenario assumes the following:

    1- 4 analogue phones connected to the back of the gateway using the 4-port RJ-11 ports.
    2- The Fast Ethernet port connects to a LAN switch which allows IP connectivity to Elastix server.
    3- The Ethernet interface has an IP address of
    4- The Elastix server has the IP address of
    5- Firmware on the Patton 4114 is version 5.4
    6- 4 extensions configured on Elastix as follows:
    ext 200 password 200
    ext 201 password 201
    ext 202 password 202
    ext 203 password 203
    7- a Hunt group is configured for inbound calls to hunt for the extensions one after the other.

    Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully this can be of some help.

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