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    I am looking for some information on howto setup/implement:

    Direct Inward System Access (DISA), I know it's supported, I just can't find info on it.

    Evening mode. I have a customer with a satellite office. There are currently 2 phones there with an Elastix 1.1 box. I have setup a ring group, so when a client calls in it rings on all phones. No answer goes to a voicemail. I had setup in the past, his cellphone on the ring group, which seemed to screw up when he called into the office. I am now looking to either setup a time condition that if someone calls in the evening it will go to his cell, or is there a feature code that I can program into the phone to allow him to set a "night" mode that will forward calls to his cell. When they come into the office, they press the "day" mode feature (a second configured button on the phone) to disable the call forward.

    This possible?


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