How To Respond Calling Card GW Voice Prompt

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    Dear Expert,

    In order to have a long distance trunk backup now I am using calling card gateways with certain 5 pstn number to dial such as 18018. A few second after we dial this number we will get voice prompt respond from the g/w to "enter the destination number". In order to match the respond now I am using time delay with "w" by typing "18018wwwwwwwwww" in the menu of "Outbound Dial Prefix".

    As sometime the voice prompt appear faster or longer, do you think that is possible to configure/setup the Asterisk/elastix to respond the voice prompt based on the voice prompt appeareance or using voice recognition? I mean that the Asterisk/Elastix will respond anytime while the voice prompt appear and that is not depend on time delay.

    Awaing your respond and thank you.

    Best regards,

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