How To Replace Destination Field By Accountcode?

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    Dear Experts,
    As I am using voip gateway PSTN access to call long distance then destination field of CDR dbase only captured the access pstn number of the voip gateway and we cannot see the real destination in cdr report.

    The other problem is we cannot get the billing calculation for long distance call traffic as the call seems only local call.

    In order to solve this solution I think I want to replace the destination field of the CDR dbase by the content of accountcode that I used to capture the real destination entered by caller.

    Is there a way to replace the content of destination field by the content of accountcode field of CDR dbase before billing report calculation to be done?

    Or is there another method to get the same result for billing calculation for the problem mentioned above?

    Thank you in advance for your respond.

    Best regards,

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