How to force unembedded pbx interface instead?

Discussion in 'General' started by jedaustin, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. jedaustin

    Dec 30, 2008
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    I think the work that has been done on Elastix is outstanding with one minor exception:
    I see no need whatsoever for your custom interface for the pbx configuration.
    Minor upgrades, installing needed modules, etc break your interface very easily.
    For example: I use voicepulse. They have a freepbx module to configure everything and it works great. The problem in Elastix is that as soon as I install it your interface breaks (I had to turn on errors to see this at all.. otherwise I just got a blank page):
    Notice: Undefined variable: skip_astman in /var/www/html/admin/header.php on line 117
    Warning: require_once(modules/core/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/admin/modules/voicepulse/ on line 2
    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'modules/core/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/admin/modules/voicepulse/ on line 2
    Their php is compiled so I can't do anything to it to make it work with your custom interface.

    The freepbx interface still works just fine (https://serverip/admin/index.php).
    Is there a simple way to just put /admin/index.php in a frameset instead of having your custom interface that breaks easily? I'd recommend that in future releases you just use Freepbx's interface in a frame for the 'PBX Configuration' page.
  2. jedaustin

    Dec 30, 2008
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    It probably isn't the cleanest way to do it but I chopped almost all of the code out of the /var/www/html/modules/pbxadmin/index.php file
    so that I only get the unembedded freepbx link on the PBX Configuration page.
    It's preferable over a 'white screen of death'.

    I don't see the value of recreating the FreePBX interface in Elastix;
    yes it makes it look like the rest of the interface BUT it is way too easy to break
    and must be a total pain to maintain considering how fast FreePBX moves.
    Just wrap it like you do tigercrm, openfire, etc and be done with it!

    function _moduleContent(&$smarty, $module_name)
        require_once "libs/misc.lib.php";
        if (file_exists("$base_dir/$lang_file")) include_once "$lang_file";
        else include_once "modules/$module_name/lang/en.lang";
        //global variables
        global $arrConf;
        global $arrLang;
        global $arrLangModule;
        $arrLang = array_merge($arrLang,$arrLangModule);
        <link href='/modules/pbxadmin/themes/default/mainstyle.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
        <script type='text/javascript' src='/modules/pbxadmin/js/script.js.php'></script>
        <script type='text/javascript' src='/modules/pbxadmin/js/script.legacy.js'></script>
        <script type='text/javascript' src='/modules/pbxadmin/js/libfreepbx.javascripts.js'></script>
        $dir_base = "/var/www/html/modules/$module_name/themes";
        // Obtengo el {$HEADER} anterior y le agrego lo nuevo
        $headerNuevo = @$smarty->fetch("HEADER");
        $headerNuevo .= $headerFreePBX;
        $smarty->assign("HEADER", $headerNuevo);
        // Obtengo el {$BODYPARAMS} anterior y le agrego lo nuevo
        $bodyParams = @$smarty->fetch("BODYPARAMS");
        $bodyParams .= "onload='body_loaded();'";
        $smarty->assign("BODYPARAMS", $bodyParams);
        /* benchmark */
        function microtime_float() { list($usec,$sec) = explode(' ',microtime()); return ((float)$usec+(float)$sec); }
        $benchmark_starttime = microtime_float();
        $type = isset($_REQUEST['type'])?$_REQUEST['type']:'setup';
        // Ojo, modifique ligeramente la sgte. linea para que la opcion por omision sea extensions
        if(isset($_REQUEST['display'])) {
            $display = $_REQUEST['display'];
        } else {
            $display = 'extensions';
            $_REQUEST['display'] = 'extensions';
        $extdisplay = isset($_REQUEST['extdisplay'])?$_REQUEST['extdisplay']:null;
        $skip = isset($_REQUEST['skip'])?$_REQUEST['skip']:0;
        $action = isset($_REQUEST['action'])?$_REQUEST['action']:null;
        $quietmode = isset($_REQUEST['quietmode'])?$_REQUEST['quietmode']:'';
        // determine module type to show, default to 'setup'
        $type_names = array(
            'cdrcost'=>'Call Cost',
        /* Este bloque pertenece en su mayoria al archivo header.php */
        /* ya que no estaban registrando ciertas variables globales; */
        /* asi que lo repito aqui y evito parchar dicho archivo y    */
        /* otros mas.                                                */
        // include base functions
        // Hack to avoid patching admin/
        $GLOBALS['amp_conf_defaults'] = $amp_conf_defaults;
        // get settings
        $amp_conf       = parse_amportal_conf("/etc/amportal.conf");
        $asterisk_conf  = parse_asterisk_conf($amp_conf["ASTETCDIR"]."/asterisk.conf");
        $astman         = new AGI_AsteriskManager();
        // attempt to connect to asterisk manager proxy
        if (!isset($amp_conf["ASTMANAGERPROXYPORT"]) || !$res = $astman->connect("".$amp_conf["ASTMANAGERPROXYPORT"], $amp_conf["AMPMGRUSER"] , $amp_conf["AMPMGRPASS"])) {
                // attempt to connect directly to asterisk, if no proxy or if proxy failed
                if (!$res = $astman->connect("".$amp_conf["ASTMANAGERPORT"], $amp_conf["AMPMGRUSER"] , $amp_conf["AMPMGRPASS"])) {
                        // couldn't connect at all
                        unset( $astman );
        $GLOBALS['amp_conf'] = $amp_conf;
        $GLOBALS['asterisk_conf']  = $asterisk_conf;
        $GLOBALS['astman'] = $astman;
        // Hack to avoid patching common/db_connect.php
        // I suppose the used database is mysql
        require_once('DB.php'); //PEAR must be installed
        $db_user = $amp_conf["AMPDBUSER"];
        $db_pass = $amp_conf["AMPDBPASS"];
        $db_host = $amp_conf["AMPDBHOST"];
        $db_name = $amp_conf["AMPDBNAME"];
        $datasource = 'mysql://'.$db_user.':'.$db_pass.'@'.$db_host.'/'.$db_name;
        $db = DB::connect($datasource); // attempt connection
        $GLOBALS['db'] = $db;
        if (!isset($_SESSION['AMP_user'])) {
            $_SESSION['AMP_user'] = new ampuser($amp_conf['AMPDBUSER']);
        // Requiring header.php
        // The next block is to fix a music on hold issue
        $category = strtr(isset($_REQUEST['category'])?$_REQUEST['category']:''," ./\"\'\`", "------");
        if ($category == null) $category = 'default';
        if ($category == "default")
            $path_to_dir = $asterisk_conf['astvarlibdir']."/mohmp3"; //path to directory u want to read.
            $path_to_dir = $asterisk_conf['astvarlibdir']."/mohmp3/$category"; //path to directory u want to read.
        $GLOBALS['path_to_dir'] = $path_to_dir;
        /* Fin del bloque                                            */
        $GLOBALS['title'] = isset($title)?$title:'';
        $GLOBALS['type']  = isset($type)?$type:'';
        $GLOBALS['display'] = isset($display)?$display:'';
        $GLOBALS['extdisplay'] = isset($extdisplay)?$extdisplay:'';
        $GLOBALS['skip'] = isset($skip)?$skip:'';
        $GLOBALS['action'] = isset($action)?$action:'';
        $GLOBALS['quietmode'] = isset($quietmode)?$quietmode:'';
        $GLOBALS['message'] = isset($message)?$message:'';
        $GLOBALS['fpbx_menu'] = isset($fpbx_menu)?$fpbx_menu:'';
        $GLOBALS['recordings_save_path'] = "/tmp/";
        //This _guielement_tabindex and _guielement_formfields fixed bug in extensions freePBX embedded
        $GLOBALS['_guielement_tabindex'] = 1;
        $GLOBALS['_guielement_formfields'] = 0;
        //This $fc_save var fixed bug in System Recording en freePBX embedeed 
        global $fc_save;
        global $fc_check; 
        $smarty->assign("Unembedded_freePBX", $arrLang['Unembedded freePBX']);
        $smarty->assign("htmlFPBX", $htmlFPBX);
        $salida .= $smarty->fetch("$local_templates_dir/main.tpl");
        return $salida;
  3. jeths

    Mar 9, 2010
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    Hi there, very newbie here and am not sure if I posted it on the right topic. What I want is to make an interface for elastix with some other programs included. So in my menu, I would like to include the link the elastix PBX but when I open the link https://elastix-ip/modules/pbxadmin/index.php nothing is displayed. I dont want to use the link on the admin page for freepbx (https://elastix-ip/admin/index.php) coz the PBX page on elastix (https://elastix-ip/?menu=pbxconfig) is much much better in terms of design and color. I made a new folder within /var/www/html/myinterface/ and supposedly i will have my pages here which will connect to other programs/pages when clicked in the menu options. What link should I use to connect to PBX? I mean what filename and path should I use?

    Please help....

  4. rollinsolo

    Feb 11, 2009
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    Or even easier you can just download FreePBX and use that.

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