How to connect Elastix and Sciemens Hipath 4000?.

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    Dear all,

    We have two offices A and B ,which are connected through wireless access points.One office has Hipath 4000 sciemns exchange(A) and 100 extension numbers are connected to that.Another office has NEC etisalat exchange B having 30 extension numbers.
    Our plan is
    1) migrate all the users in NES exchange to Elastix
    2)Connect Elastix exchange to Sciemens Hipath 4000 (already there is a network connectivity between these offices)
    3)Move the receptionist in location B to Location A( anyhow she should able to attend and forward all the phones coming to B

    I did the following testing.

    1)I have installed Elastix in IBM server.
    2)Installed 24 port FXO card
    3)Configured two sip extension numbers 101 and 102
    4)Connected a direct line to one port of FXO card.
    5)Configred ZAP extension.
    6)Now i can call from 101 to 102 and vicewersa.
    7)i can call out side using prefix 9.

    These are the status of my experiments,as i am not familier with elastix and all.
    But i have no idea about how to proceed more...

    Is this scenario works?..

    I hope any experianced hands can help me on this....

    ..Please help me...


    Anoop Chandran

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