How do I send a # "pound key" to a device ?

Discussion in 'General' started by concentra, Aug 12, 2010.

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    I have a skype device connected to an USB port and to a FXO port in my Elastix box.
    I configured Elastix to recognize a dial pattern and route an outbond call to the FXO port.
    The USB device understand the outgoing number, find the contact to dial and wait for a # to start the connection.
    In the Skype interface, if I clic the mouse or put an enter key the call goes OK.
    It needs that an # is dialled in the end of the number in order to initiate the skype call.
    How do I send that # ?
    I may have to wait a couple of secconds before sending the extra #, how can I do this ?

    Mauricio Ventura Faria
  2. concentra

    Jul 1, 2008
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    Nobody ?

    I will try again because I really need this.
    Maybe I was not clear...
    I have a card with 8 FXOs ports and 2 of them are connected to USB devices that are connected to the Skype network.
    I receive inbound calls with no problems !
    I have an issue when putting out calls.
    The Skype contacts are associated to 2 digit numbers from 01 to 99 and if I connect a PSTN phone in the USB device, dial the contact number and dial # (pound key), Skype starts an out call to the contact.
    In Elastix I created 2 trunks for the USB devices wtuh the dial rule XX and created an outbound route with the dial pattern 8|XX pointing to those trunks.
    If I connect the USB device to the FXO in the Elastix box and try to put an out call, Elastix routes the call to the correct trunk and dials the XX in the FXO port.
    I this moment, the Skype software finds the correct contact associated with the 2 dialed digits and...
    And nothing, the Skype software stays waiting for a # to be dialed to start the call !!!
    I tried to add # in the trunk dial rule but it is automatically eliminated by Elastix...
    I am not an expert in linux nor asterisk, I have only this software PBX that I use im my small business and I really tried to find what to do...
    Does anyone knows how do I wait 2 or 3 seconds after the call is routed to the USB and than send a # in the line ?

    Mauricio Faria

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