High Avilability with Elastix 1.5.2 drbd/heartbeat

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Hello friends,

    I'm trying to setup a 1.5.2 Cluster with DRBD/Heartbeat followed by elastix's team PDF.

    I noticed few cracks in the installation procedures and i would like to share & get some help with finalizing this installation.

    1. UDP Packets being directed by sip phones to the shared IP are being returned as the node server. there need to be a line added to asterisk startup script to make sure that once the node up: "ip route change x.x.x.x/x src x.x.x.x/x".
    2. Some how the primary node always come back to secondary.
    3. when restarting asterisk it causing heartbeat to go crazy (it happens only when heartbeat service is up). there seems to be some kind of watchdog monitoring asterisk init.d file and it keeps trying to restart it on and on.
    4. the halresources file need to have a " \ " at the end of each line otherwise heartbeat will fail to start.

    I hope you people can help me out :)

    btw, is there an easy way to migrate trunk & routes settings from 1.3 to 1.5.2?

    Thanks !:cheer:

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