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    Nov 14, 2008
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    I have two zoom ata 5801 as sip trucks to the pstn, I am
    > able to make two way audio .
    > calls to the pstn from extension made in freepbx, but when I try to
    > make a call to the same sip trucks from a calling card made in
    > a2billing I only get one way audio (I am able to hear them only).
    > Since there are two ata when one is in use with a outbound call from
    > one of the freepbx extensions and you try to make a call from another
    > extension from freepbx it tries to pass the call to the sip truck that
    > is already in use. How to get it to skip to the next available sip
    > truck?
    > Is there a way to have extension in freepbx able to call calling
    > cards in a2billing and vice versa I have an freepbx account on my
    > nokia e90 using the build in voip client, I will like to be able to
    > call a2billing calling cards from it and also be able to get calls
    > coming from the a2billing calling cards. How would I get a group call
    > from an a2billing calling card to the freepbx extension on the nokia?
    > Do you all have a callshop module?

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