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  1. Lou1z

    Aug 20, 2008
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    we have a small company 20 office users which are vpn'd up to 45 sites.
    we are using elastix with aastra 57i's in the office.

    we have 2 x analogue + 7 (5+2) voip lines going out.

    outgoing routing in order is:

    local + national landlines = voip 1-5 , voip 6-7, analogues
    mobiles + premiums = voip 6-7 (cheaper calls), analogues

    so each line has its own cli.

    now the tricky part.
    the company has been sub divided up into 3 groups with each group having responsibility for 15 remote sites.
    we want the person sitting at the relevant desk eg sub company A (who deals with the 1st 15 sites) to just accept calls from those sites. we have given out the relavant number to the relevant sites.
    now, if that person dials out, they have no control over which line they dial out on ie elastix will select the next free appropriate trunk based on the dial plan.

    is it possible for elastix to route outgoing calls through the appropriate trunk based on where the internal originated eg ext 3001 use trunk 1, ext 3002 use trunk 2?

  2. telecomtechnician

    Jan 8, 2008
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    Hi Louis

    You have to create trunk groups. Each group should include ONLY the trunks that need to do certain type of calls.

    You have to design this very specific and then create the appropiate outbound route for each trunk group.

    You will have to touch the config files zapata-channels.conf and sip.conf to create this groups.

    Take a look at the book Elastix without Tears.

    Waiting for your comments

    David Medina

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