Help needed with SCCP and Elastix

Discussion in 'General' started by anchor85, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    I am new to Elastix (1.3) but very familiar with trixbox. I am used to configuring CIsco phones with trixbox and PIAF using SCCP (sccp-b). With either trix or piaf I can install either the 2007 or the recent 2009 version of sccp-b. the same config files sccp.conf and SEP-macaddy.cnf.xml work on either platform.

    I have installed SCCP-B using the method here. I have installed a Cisco SIP phone on Elastix and that works OK so I know the tftp server is working. I have increased the verbosity of the tftp server so that I can see the files being pulled down.

    I have setup a custom extension using freepbx with SCCP/5566 as the dial setting for ext. 5566. The context is 'from-internal'

    The cisco phone pulls down the SEP... ...cnf.xml and then just sits there showing 'registering'.

    On the asterisk cli 'sccp show version' 'sccp show devices' and 'sccp show lines' all come back with sensible data.

    I have searched your forums here and can't find any advice. Can someone suggest where I might have gone wrong?


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