Help me find where to put my YAC command string...

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    Hi everybody,

    Here is a good one ...

    I have a Media Center and I can receive YAC (Yet Another Caller ID Program) messages to show who is calling on my TV ... So far I managed to do that:
    exten => _.,1,System(/bin/echo -n -e "@CALL${CALLERID(name)}~${CALLERID(num)}\\0" | nc -w 1 10629)
    This works pretty good, but there is a small problem, the Caller ID is not being corrected by Asterisk, there is some process done to the CallerID String when there is no name or even lookup into the databases etc... By putting the command in that context this is one of the the first thing that is being executed after the call is received...

    What I want to do is find where to put the command in a custom context, so FreePBX will still be able to change the defaults files without disrupting my config.

    I was thinking to put it where I dial my ring groups [ext-group-custom] but that doesn't work because the extension 600 (my ring group) is found in the ext-group context so the extension _. used in the custom isn't executed since a better match have been found. I can't change the matching to 600,1 since there is already a 600,1 that would be bypassed and I don't want that...

    How can I make this work?

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