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Sep 3, 2008
Good morning happy to greet friends,

I commented a few days ago I contacted a company to provide them with a small support in Elastix server, actually it was very simple requesting them briefly commented:

They have a elastix 1.5.5 server which is used to manage call center 8 lines, have a Digium 24-port card at time of check-in system hardware detection had 24 FXO module, the request was to move the marketing area for Elastix to have reports of flames, recordings etc. The idea was to take the 4 extensions ancient marketing (connected to a Siemens centras) and connect to the FXO Elastix (for the siemens fxs to Fxo the elastix) and set up 4 direct routes so that these people can keep their extension numbers and the change as transparent to them, my surprise came when I began to realize the implementation and realized that despite configured to dahdi and done to literally dictate what the questionnaire was not walking manuals, check around and see that it meets the path and the call goes through the port to be but remained silent, spent a day with this problem and I had to stop the implementation to investigate and think a little today to enter the dahdi system.conf I got this little surprise

Autogenerated by / usr / sbin / dahdi_genconf on Tue Oct 9 09:08:50 2009
# If you edit this file and execute / usr / sbin / dahdi_genconf again,
# Your manual changes will be lost.
# DAHDI Configuration File
# This file is parsed by the DAHDI Configurator dahdi_cfg
# Span 1: WCTDM / 0 "Wildcard AEX2400 Board 1" (MASTER)
fxsks = 1
echocanceller = mg2, 1
fxsks = 2
echocanceller = mg2, 2
fxsks = 3
echocanceller = mg2, 3
fxsks = 4
echocanceller = mg2, 4
fxsks = 5
echocanceller = mg2, 5
fxsks = 6
echocanceller = mg2, 6
fxsks = 7
echocanceller = mg2, 7
fxsks = 8
echocanceller = mg2, 8
# Channel 9, WCTDM/0/8, not module.
# Channel 10, WCTDM/0/9, not module.
# Channel 11, WCTDM/0/10, not module.
# Channel 12, WCTDM/0/11, not module.
# Channel 13, WCTDM/0/12, not module.
# Channel 14, WCTDM/0/13, not module.
# Channel 15, WCTDM/0/14, not module.
# Channel 16, WCTDM/0/15, not module.
# Channel 17, WCTDM/0/16, not module.
# Channel 18, WCTDM/0/17, not module.
# Channel 19, WCTDM/0/18, not module.
# Channel 20, WCTDM/0/19, not module.
# Channel 21, WCTDM/0/20, not module.
# Channel 22, WCTDM/0/21, not module.
# Channel 23, WCTDM/0/22, not module.
# Channel 24, WCTDM/0/23, not module.

Apparently no modules installed in the channel 9 to 24, but do not understand why hardware detection tells me that there are 24 modules FXO (image attached them to see what they think)

Hoping I can help,


Julian Achurra

PS: Sorry for the bad writing, I used a translator to help me and write this post in English

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