have to reboot 2x before i can see the AXE1600p

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    After installing my Elastix 1.6 with one PCIe card (atcom AXE 1600P) and one ISDN card (Atcom AX4S) everything seems to work but...
    if the system goes down it can not find the AXE 1600P card anymore. If I then make a reboot the AXE 1600P works again without any problem :huh:

    What I did :

    1. recompile the mISDN for the AX4S card

    2. recompile dahdi with the wctdm.c.v1.6 from Atcom, blacklisted quite a few things in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist :
    blacklist hisax
    blacklist hisax_fcpcipnp
    blacklist hisax_isac
    blacklist crc_ccitt
    blacklist isdn
    blacklist slhc
    blacklist capi
    blacklist capifs
    blacklist kernelcapi
    blacklist kernel_capi
    blacklist avmfritz
    blacklist hfc4s8s_l1

    3. add misdn-init restart in /etc/rc.d/rc.local as told by very nice people from Atcom (otherwise the isdn card does not come up...)

    well, what did I do wrong ? why is the AXE 1600P card not allways up ?
    would be nice if someone can help!

    Well after a closer look, a lspci will allways show the card, but a cat /proc/interrupts will miss it on an average of 2 times out of 3... especially if the card is at a basic IRQ (10 or 11, depending on the slot it is in, if i find it at 177 or the like, it works...)

    Any help is appreciated!

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