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    Snowspeeder posted this in tips and tricks forum though it may help here in security...see the following.

    First I have read that while enabling VPN to tunnel your traffic you give up QOS?

    Question: Are you using Hamachi / openvpn / etc what has been your experience for QOS? / Is it worth hiding your connection while supposedly giving up QOS? BTW I have not yet configured any of our voice servers on a VPN as of yet.


    Snowspeeders tip as mentioned:

    Easily install Hamachi 1 Year ago Karma: 1 Karma+ Karma-
    This is kinda cheating. But I found it to be very helpful and quick to install hamachi on elastix.

    First lets get into shell.

    mkdir /tmp/wget

    cd /tmp/wget

    "Were gonna steal some code from trixbox "
    wget yum.trixbox.org/centos/5/RPMS-

    rpm -ivh hamachi-

    chmod 777 /usr/local/sbin/setup-hamachi


    Now follow the prompts.

    If this tutorial helped you please pass on some good karma!

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