GSM Trunk with cable using Celliax

Discussion in 'General' started by organetic, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Jul 5, 2007
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    Good afternoon for all!

    I just noticed that the latest versions of Elastix has mobile phone support over Bluetooth enabled. This is a really interesting achievement already. It's very nice to see that the development team listens to users and keep on updating the features, giving solutions we can use.

    Anyway, has anyone though on the leverage of reliability a cable solution like celliax could provide?
    Cheap phones starting from 20$ can be used, and celliax seems a very mature project, with an active support forum.

    This solution, together with a graphic interface for configuring the mobile phones as fxo ports for elastix would be delightfull.

    If anyone had luck installing this already, please let me know, since 3 phones are already on its way.

    Thanks for teh attention and keep up the good work!


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