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    Hi Experts!

    I have a main site and 2 branch offices, all interconnected via IAX.

    The branch offices are going to be closed during the Christmas break. I want all calls unconditionally be forwarded to the main office's PBX.

    At the branch office I have setup a new ring group, titled "Divert Main" and put in the 3 digit internal reception number of the main office. In the "no answer" section of the ring group I entered 'hang-up'.

    When I call main reception from an extension at the branch office the call works fine. However, when I call the branch ring group 'Divert Main', the call doesn't get transferred to the main office.
    I also tested calling the branch from outside. When this external call is coming in, it simply keeps ringing without anyone answering. However, when I check the PBX reports, it tells me the call was hung up.

    Any help much appreciated.


    Felix Burkhard

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