G400p + elastix will not work

Discussion in 'Gateways' started by nordscan, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. nordscan

    Jan 21, 2010
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    i have elastix 1,6
    Connected to Asterisk currently running on elastix (pid = 2819)
    installed G400p card...

    i make all as is in this tutorial

    - downloaded and installed bristuff
    - edited zaptel and zapata.conf, and chan_dahdi.conf
    - in /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf added dahdichanname=no to the [options]
    - modprobe zaptel // load zaptel driver
    - modprobe opvxg4xx // load G400P driver
    - ztcfg
  2. Joe.Yung

    Nov 5, 2009
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    G400p+elastix will not work
    We have received your email which you had send to James,and we were trying to give you response with email,but the emails always be returned, I have sent it twice but still no good.So maybe there is something problem on your email server.

    Anyway,if possible,please give me another email box to us. we will give you response as soon as possible!
    PS: opvx-bristuff-0.4.0-RC3h is based on zaptel, not dahdi. So it's empty if you typing command"dahdi show channels" on asterisk CLI.

    Waiting your further comments!

    Best Wishes!

    Email:joe.yung@openvox.cn Or joe.yung1987@gmail.com
  3. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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    Again you Opnenvox guys refuse to be open , the question was asked in the forum, and the response should be to the forum, If you can only fix your stuff through private emails and ssh access to each and everyone's system, I suggest you need to rethink your claim to Elastix compatibility, which at this point in time and by the numerous complaints against your "stuff", you patently are not. You make no friends here until you supply drivers that actually work, please make them available to all your customers, please follow the GNU rules it's open source guys and you NEED, no MUST get your driver patches accepted by Asterisk (Digium) just like all the other legitimate vendors, just do it!.

  4. nordscan

    Jan 21, 2010
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    I have compiled opvx-bristuff-0.4.0-RC3h

    i have in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules on chan_dahdi.so -module, not chan_zap.so
    after i check in asterisk: module show like chan_ - i see that only chan_dahdi.so i sloaded

    when i use zap show channels i got this:

    The 'zap show channels' command is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use 'dahdi show channels' instead.

    also i need to use dahdi show channels....

    .... but now i unload chan_dahdi.so and after that load it again, and now it works.

    module load chan_dahdi.so
    == Registered application 'ZapSendKeypadFacility'
    == Registered application 'dahdiCD'
    == Registered application 'dahdiInband'
    == Registered application 'dahdiEC'
    == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/zapata.conf': Found
    -- Registered channel 1, GSM signalling
    -- Registered channel 3, GSM signalling
    -- Registered channel 5, GSM signalling
    -- Registered channel 7, GSM signalling
    -- Automatically generated pseudo channel
    == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/users.conf': Found
    == Registered channel type 'Zap' (DAHDI Telephony Driver w/PRI)
    == Manager registered action ZapTransfer
    == Manager registered action ZapHangup
    == Manager registered action ZapDialOffHook
    == Manager registered action ZapDNDon
    == Manager registered action ZapDNDoff
    == Manager registered action ZapShowChannels
    == Manager registered action ZapRestart
    Loaded chan_dahdi.so => (DAHDI Telephony w/PRI)
    -- GSM Span 1 registered to network!
  5. Kalama Sutra

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Go git 'em dicko ! :whistle:

    My friend, as one who is RTFMing ( is that Chinese ) , I've even taken the stance of RTFF's ... ya know, the the forums, on a regular basis ! B)

    <<That's a hint to every other newby who is trying to learn and understand something >> :evil:

    My dilemma this morning was, does dicko pick up a karma point for watching out for those of us who are less capable ;) , or do I MINUS a karma for the postings elsewhere done by SARAWAQ ? :angry: But, why waste a "point" on a FITP - they won't get it, nor will they care.

    So, it's Karmalizing time, dicko :p You'e on a roll, dude ! :woohoo:



    ps. Mrs & I going to South Coast of the West Coast next week ... maybe some of your vibes will waft my way. :X
  6. kknapp

    Sep 2, 2010
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    i have the same issue with debian lenny (updated)
    i want to run a DE400P + G400P

    i have compiled the bristuff and by loading asterisk i get the error :

    undefined symbol: gsm_restart

    Openvox have suggest to wait for the new dahdi driver for the g400p.

    i belive the chan_dahdi is not correct linked to the libgsmat

    Some one with a solution ?
  7. james.zhu

    Feb 13, 2008
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    How to install OpenVox G400P with Elastix-1.6

    How to install OpenVox G400P with Elastix-1.6

    Written by: james.zhu@openvox.cn

    Date: 27/05/2010

    Elastix is a very powerful platform to run asterisk and some Apps. Naively, G400P does not run under Elastix. To makeG400P and Elastix work together, Users have to do some extra steps. There are few steps to go through:
    Make sure Elastix has been installed
    Install G400P, please refer our wiki or user manual to compile G400P, please check from:
    http://wiki.openvox.cn/index.php/OpenVo ... ser_Manual
    In elastix-1.6.2,users do not need to install any extra packages, just unzip the tar file to/usr/src
    2.1) run the script under the zipped the file: ./install.sh
    This script will download and install the asterisk,zaptel, libpri… .
    2.2) press ENTER key to let the system go through.
    2.3) change to zaptel directory, run: make config to add zaptel and opvxg4xx in system
    2.4) edit the etc/sysconfig/zaptel, add MODULES="$MODULES opvxg4xx" to the file and remove unused the modules.
    2.5) add dahdi in blacklist to prevention the system starting dahdi.

    2.6) edit the file Zapata.conf under /etc/asterisk, change the context = from-gsm to
    context = from-pstn

    Note: Do notrun: make samplesunder asterisk source directory.
    Configure the elastix outbound and inbound routing:
    3.1) go to trunks under the Zap Identifier (trunk name), add 1 to link to channel to zap/1

    The system will go through from zap/1, which is sim card 1
    3.2) set inbound call forward to SIP.

    OpenVox G400P
    Please take a note: since the default asterisk and dahdi under elastix-1.6 have been overwritten by asterisk and zaptel, some features might not work properly due to the recompilation. Please consider the risk!

    How to install OpenVox G400P with Elastix.pdf (365.36 KB)

    2010-5-27 15:54, Downloaded count: 90

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