freepbx database mode FOP trixbox to elastix + us

Discussion in 'General' started by j2l, Jul 12, 2007.

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    On trixbox I use freepbx in "database" mode (configured in amportal.conf) with administrators.

    On elastix 0.8-4, I tried to create a user with limited privileges, but FOP seems to not follow the new user limitation (like original freepbx). freepbx itself works fine.
    I tried by:
    none of them apply freepbx user limitation

    In addition, I wonder where elastix users are stored and if I can link this db with freepbx users.
    Because, now, I need to login twice, first with elastix credentials then with freepbx user.

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    Re:freepbx database mode FOP trixbox to elastix +

    The elastix users are stored in a sqlite3 database in the file /var/www/db/acl.db

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