Few Hundred Dollars Bounty for a Custom Job - $$$

May 18, 2008
Hello Everyone,

There is about couple of hundred dollars bounty for anyone who would like to come up with a script to move calls that are recorded into
/var/spool/asterisk/monitor into organized folders per day and then display them on a page for download and playback. The script(s) are to meet the following requirements:

1- FreePBX General tab has a field that allows for a script to be entered and to be run right after a recording is done. This makes it easy to organise the recorded file into different directories named per days of the month. So the script can be set there unless you come up with a different or better way of doing it.

2- Once files are organised, an html, php, etc...page will display all extensions that are available on the system (in a password protected page) and will allow user to pick an extension (by URL) to see reports or recorded calls.

3- The script will query MySql and pull reports of calls made and will match with recorded calls and allows for playback or download. In the mean while it will display any "failed", "un-answered", etc...calls in the report.

System to be deployed on:

- Elastix 1.3
- Uses FreePBX recording turned ON always for recording to
- About 35 extensions with contineous recording on.

Please e-mail me off-list with your offer.

Note: you can borrow/use code from ARI Recordings of FreePBX or Monitoring section of Elastix but this is not be anywhere as complex as any of those modules. This is a simple display of audio files and reports and nothing more.

Reason for not using any of the reporting that comes with FreePBX is it's complexity of nature of showing too much information which doesn't make sense to clients. Also, being stuck with file system Ext3 there is a 32k inode limit and have high call numbers of about 50, 000 per year mean trouble if everything is saved into one folder.

I hope that I am not infringing any of the forum rules by posting this bounty; Just want to give to the community rather than outsiders.


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