Faxing problem with OpenVox A400P04

Discussion in 'Elastix 2.x' started by jaleel, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    Dear Experts,

    I am a newbie to elastix. I need to setup a faxserver with elastix + openvox A400P04 4 FXO Ports, FXO are directly connected to my Analog PSTN lines.

    I did below steps

    1. Installed Elastix 1.6
    2. Checked on Replace file chan_dahdi.conf and clicked Detect New Hardware button
    3. I could see WCTDM/4 "Wildcard TDM400P REV.." 1 FXO - 4 FXO
    4. [root@elastix ~]# dahdi_genconf
    5. [root@elastix ~]# dahdi_cfg -vv
    6. Reboot system
    7. Created 2 IAX2 Extension (Ext 101 and 102)
    8. Kept default Trunk ZAP/g0 as it is
    9. Kept default "09_outside" route as it is.
    10. I can send fax between extension 101 and 102
    11. Outgoing fax is not working. I get "Busy Signal Detected" in hylafax log.
    12. Attached xferfaxlog and elastix log screenshots for reference.

    As i am tired with dozens of installations and configurations mentioned in a lot of websites and forums, requesting your kind help to sort out my issue.

    Thank you,

    Jaleel [​IMG]

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