Fax problem with viewing and sending

Discussion in 'General' started by ichienwata, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    I have looked around and have not been able to find a solution yet.
    I recently installed elastix 1.6 and 2.0 rc 1 and I have the problem of not being able to view the received faxes. When I send faxes to my DID it works because I get the email but it does not show on "Fax Viewer"

    Secondly while I am able to send faxes through the WebUI I am not able to send PDF files when uploaded but it will allow to sent .txt files. Am I missing some type of handler or module ? I have libtiff installed.

    Finally I have setup two elastix boxes. I receive fax on both boxes with their individual DID, but when I send faxes between the two DID, it fails. Not exactly sure why, but one thing I know is that the domains dont resolve to the IP address. CVould that be the problem ?

    Please help.

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