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    Nov 16, 2009
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    I really need your help, i have a great problem.
    i have one line connected to my tdm400p zap card. I actually use this line for receving faxes. iam in the headquarters of the company. but this company has many agencies.
    my first question is it possible to put multiple emails in the elastix fax master séparated by comma for example in order to réceive faxes in many email accounts.
    second question, for each agency i have putted an email account. so i would like when someone send a fax to my line he will compose my line number followed by * and a code for the agency.
    for example: my line number is 0021671859568
    so when someone send a fax to the firt agency, he will deal 0021671859568*1 then fax will arrive at the email account used in the first agency. is it possibe to do this with the fax module installed in elastix solution.?
    please help me.

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