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    u have a few question about fax.

    so firs i made IAX extension for Hylaxfax server. I put there extension 403 and one of my DID number from my pstn provider. Then i type iax pass and in Fax Handling section i type Fax Extension ->freePBX
    in fax email i put my email and in Fax Detection Type-> NVFAX. Im not sure it is correct ? my DID number is from zaptel E1 card (SANGOMA a101x). ok now save and apply change. Then i go to FAX button and i make new virtual fax. i put again my email and type stuff to other fields.When i done i save all. so now i made call to IAX DID nummber and i hear bip bip bip :(

    so i cannot recive fax :(

    (I try many time to make this and one i done succesfull)

    So another problem is sending fax from WinprintHylaFAX-1.2.8 throught elastix to normal fax machines.

    i edit this file and put there my client ip /var/spool/hylafax/etc/hosts.hfaxd
    now i open doc file and print it.

    In new window i type destination number and press ok. So i see in 2s printer icons in my task bar and when i check this printer jobs i see in "status" section:

    "Sent to printer". And thats it any reaction form asterisk :( (ofcourse i try to use different pass and login when i configured this client)

    So my question is how can i received / send faxes and
    why i must put mail in General Settings then when i create extension and when i make virtual fax

    it is possible to send fax from my LAN, when i use WinprintHylaFAX virtual printer and when somebody put something like this in outlook email addres did_nummber@elastix_ip ?

    best regards

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