Fax and FOP Features..

Dec 14, 2007
i have many boxes running Hylafax + Iaxmodem. in all of them i managed to pass the {$FROM_DID)as callerid4 to the hylafax command line (3,Analog_Fax....) so i can do DID based FaxDispatch file.. somehow this can not be done in elastix. the gui lets you make one Virtual Fax and send it to one reciepient.. also the postfix is sending the faxes with some weired relay "Cirus" so i can not make a new FaxDispatch in /etc/hylafax/etc based on DID.

xxxxxxxxxxx) sendto: xxx@ddkdk.com; filetype pfd;;

what i usually do for my client is Fax Modems Follow-Me so if on fax extension is busy it moves to next one and so on. one of my client actully needed 10 faxs extension to share for a whole system that i had to chain (2xPRI Digium TE210) with over 90 extensions. please take in mind NVFAX is not really needed as long as you use a zaptel device.. zaptel is great when it comes to recognizing fax calls faxdetect=incoming in zapata.conf does the job really well.

this is a must for people with a PRI and DID routing.. i think one of the selling point for asterisk over traditional pbx is that client's get one phone number for both FAX/VOICE (i think we like to refer to this as Unified Messeging).

i really hope you guys can do it from the gui. if you want help with the scripts i will be glad to assist.

Also.. it would be nice to have the option to edit the FOP bootstarp.php so i can choose which extension will be listed in FOP. some of the managers dont like thier employees to see where exactly they are calling. if you guys know what i mean (-:/

Thanks again for a wonderfull Distro i really like to support..

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