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    I have an elastix system sitting behind a dual WAN firewall set for failover. I have a SIP trunk through Velocity. When I test the internet failover by disconnecting the primary internet connection, the carrier still sees the primary internet connection's static IP imbedded in the sip messages. Upon investigation, I found the sip_general_custom.conf file and within it is listed a static IP----->the primary connection's static IP. I waited aver an hour just to be thorough to see if it would update on its own. No luck. Doing a simple "sip reload" command didn't do it either. The only way I could get the secondary connection to work was by manually changing the sip_general_custom.conf file to reflect the secondary internet connection's static IP, saving it and then performing the "sip reload" command. Is there any way that anyone can think of to make this process automated? It kinda defeats the purpose if I have to log in and change settings in order for the failover to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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