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    May 7, 2009
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    Dear Friends, good afternoon. I need your help. Since last June I´m using Elastix as my PBX system in my office. I have only 2 PSTN lines and my FXO interfaces are two Linksys SPA3102. My Extention numbers are on the following range: 3010 - 3022. The Extention 3010 is plugged into the Phone port of the Linksys SPA3101 (1) and the extention 3011 is plugged into the phone port of the Linksys SPA 3102 (2). The other extentions are on Linksys Phones SPA941 and Linksys ATA PAP2. Until last week everything was working pretty well. All extentions could call to all extentions with no problems, but now... The Extention 3010 can´t call the extention 3011 - If 3011 calls 3010 it works. I tryed all other extentions and it calls 3011 with no problem, except the 3010. The extention 3010 calls to the other extentions with no problem. I tryed removing extention 3010 and 3011 inside FreePBX than I have setted up them again.. I tryed to reboot all the devices and pbx, buyt nothing happened .. When 3010 try calling 3011 It get a busy tone. what could be wrong? Hope you can help me... Thanks a lot and sorry that my english is too bad.. Nice day and nice week for everbody

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