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    Jul 19, 2010
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    Having a problem with customer using Linksys SPA942 phones.
    Have set up Asterisk box as DHCP server and set option 66 to point to Asterisk.
    Endpoint manager finds the phones and can apply the correct extension to the phone. After some time a different extension appears on the phone. Seems pretty random and multiple extensions are jumping around. If I login into the web page of the phone the username and extension are still correct but seems endpoint manager overwrites the details?

    Another thing is when I look in the /tftpboot directory only approx half of the phones have a .cfg file created. I see about 30 odd .cfg files while there are more like 60 something Linksys handsets.

    This problem has been going on for sometime now and the customer is getting cranky because they have to keep resetting phones. Please help, I don't have alot of Asterisk experience and am struggling to resolve this issue.

    Many thanks.

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