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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Long story short, i was a faithful trixbox user, but became fed up with the lack of backup options, and have since moved over to elastix.

    I'm loving everything about it, we only have one request to make elastix perfect for us.

    we have 2 problems with the endpoint manager.

    1. You can't preconfigure phones, they have to be detected in order to deploy them, one feature we really miss with trixbox is the ability to enter in the mac address and generate configs. This is especially handy for larger installs where we can have the phones pre-assigned and configured before they are taken out of the box. This also helps with offices where not everyone is on the local lan.

    2. On the trixbox EPM, you had the ability to control the assignment of the softkeys on aastra phones, this could be improved on, so that it also supported linksys with the 932 side car, as well as on aastra with side cars.

    Other than that, good job! Everything works great!

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