Endpoint Manager and Remote Networks?

Discussion in 'General' started by oneobserver, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Does the Endpoint manager work on non-locally attached networks?

    I have an installation that has it's PBX centrally located in a Co Location facility and is attached via VPNs to several remote sites. The PBX has 2 interfaces. The first is attached to a Public IP address and the second is attached to the internal CoLo network that is connected by the VPN routers to the other office networks. I have applied static routes on the PBX to the VPN router and the remote networks and can ssh and ping phones and machines on the remote networks from the PBX. But, if I use the Elastix Endpoint Manager and attempt to scan the remote networks it doesn't return anything. Even if I give it a specific address of a phone, it still won't find it. Do I need to something special to get this to work?
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    The endpoint manager uses nmap, nmap explores the network at the layer 2 level, (basically ethernet), so unless you are fortunate to have complete layer two connectivity between your networks (you don't with your described network unless perhaps you are using MPLS) then you are basically SOL, sorry.

    You can however use the almost mainstream endpoint-manager from the FreePBX bunch to hard-wire the mac-address of the device into the provisioning file-name, then if udp 69 (tftp) is open on your firewalls it should work if PaloSanto haven't managed to fork-up FreePBX too much yet.

    You can discover these mac-addresses remotely with something like:-

    ssh -p <your_ssh_port> <priviliged_user>@<a_remote_network_host> nmap -sU -p 5060 <network>/<CIDR>

    perhaps in a the normal insecure environment we see here:-

    ssh -p 22 root@<a_remote_network_host> nmap -sU -p 5060

    it should identify the endpoints by the manufacturer of the registered MAC address most significant octets.


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