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    Apr 7, 2008
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    Yesterday I had a problem when I replace Ipcop with Endian 2.2

    I have a little phone system for use of our family.
    We have Elastix 1.3.2 running virtual in my office, two sip3102, one on my home in Miami and other in my home in Spain.
    Elastix is working behind Ipcop and all work fine.
    I need replace Ipcop with Endian.
    Yesterday, I did it, but the phones didn't get hear the sounds that asterik was playing.
    I had to go back to ipcop and investigating the problem I found "only" this reference:

    Re: [Efw-user] Trixbox and endian

    Jake Vickers
    Mon, 28 Aug 2006 10:30:16 -0700

    rbull wrote:
    > So you have the sip proxy disabled? I tried that and it did not work for me,
    > the only way my asterisk box would actually attempt to register with my sip
    > provider was if I had the proxy enabled and put in thier ip address for the
    > outbound proxy host. Then they were able to see my registration request but
    > are not able to send me authentication.
    Correct. I forwarded the following ports:

    This allows me up to 9 concurrent connections (never tried more than 9,
    but no reason it shouldn't work) via a SIP provider to my * box.
    I do not use the SIP proxy at all. I allow all outbound traffic, run
    content filter, and Snort on the green.



    I don't understand that nobody except rbull and me, had this problem.
    I don't find any reference to these ports jet.
    And your reference is two years old.
    I am afraid I got some other issue when I am going to replace ipcop again.
    Please, can somebody tell me about this.
    Thank in avance.

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