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    Nov 12, 2007
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    The update went very well, just a few minor issues when updating FreePBX. How I did my update is as follows. I installed 0.9.0-14 on a spare HD then on my current working setup which was 0.9.0-16, I did a backup, and restored it on my spare HD with 0.9.0-14. I then did a yum -y update, it took a while and all went through good. When I updated FreePBX I found the following.

    1. Asterisk info module was broken
    2. symlink from modules failed
    retrieve_conf failed to sym link the /etc/asterisk/sip.conf file from modules
    Added 9 minutes ago

    a)To solve the broken Asterisk module, I deleted the module and reinstalled it worked perfect.
    b)to solve the "symlink" problem I used the example from here http://www.elastix.org/component/option ... 1/limit,6/ limitstart,6/lang,en/

    Now this also caused a small issue, where "extensions.conf/iax.conf/sip.conf" ownership for these files were "root" so I had to change the ownership to "Asterisk"

    Hope this helps someone.


    I have found another issue:

    1, On testing all extensions were not working, I had to delete them all and reconfigure again to get them working.<br><br>Post edited by: Stilllearning, at: 2007/12/04 04:32

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