Elastix Training in St. Louis Sept 16th-18th

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    To the Elastix Community,

    Open Source Solutions is pleased to announce a 3 day hands on Elastix based training class in St. Louis, MO, USA September 16th- September 18th.

    Quick Highlites:

    Elastix centric training

    Dedicated data center class room with OC-3 access
    Live SIP trunks for each student
    Setting up remote users/telecommuters for both VOIP and data

    Hardware to take home after class:
    (1) P4, 2.8gHz, 1 gig ram, 40 gig hd, 15 LCD display server**
    (1) Open Vox A400 card with (2) FXO module
    (2) Grandstream 1200 SIP Phones

    Class Size is limited to 10 students

    Cost is $2000 USA

    Language is English
    Please stop by Open Source Solutions for more information


    ** Please note the server is used. This will be the minimum provided server hardware. The server is coming off a corporate lease. The server will be a brand name of either Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, the warranty is 30 days.

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