elastix ,sugarcrm and vtiger.

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    i'm currently asking many questions since i do think i'm about to install the system.

    this question is acctually has nothing to do with installing the system but it is just a general question i wanted to ask.

    i know elastix is able to communicate and synchronize with outlook.

    i would like to ask if there is any option or ability for the system to do the next scenario.

    i person calls and is answered by the ivr.
    the person can choose to talk with a representative or to schedual an oppointment.

    in case he would like schedual an oppintment can elastix by the ivr of course let the person schedual it him self like to give him the avilable days or hours and then to let him pick and schedual a turn. when finished the turn will be entered to outlook's schedual?
    is it possible?

    does it need the follow sugarcrm or vtiger?


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