Elastix PBX page blank - FIXED

Discussion in 'General' started by strongbow242, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Apr 25, 2009
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    I had done a clean install of 1.6 from the then new 1.6 distro. Got everything working really well. Added a few FreePBX modules and Swift. Everything was working. Did an update of a few FreePBX modules and then did a 'yum update --skip-broken". every thing appeared to go well. Rebooted and got a blank screen for the Elastix login. Tried "https://your-ip-address/index.html" to get to the unembedded FreePBX and get a webpage not found. The PBX still works. Calls go through just like before but I can't make any changes. Searched the fora and found a few similar OLD problems. Looked at those solutions and they are already/still implemented. Anyone got any suggestions???????

    Searched again and found a similar problem with 1.5.2. Tried that solution and problem is resolved.

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