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    A few years, I make an installation to do a bridge between an Elastix server and a Codian Bridge. Some employs are somewhere in the world, and my client would that everybody could connect on the visio-conference and be able to call every UA phone, and why not more.
    The employs would use Xlite as remote extension.


    First, I installed the server on a little station, something like 1Gb Ram, 40Gb HD and AMD ..Etc.
    The Elastix version was the 1.3.2 version.
    The Elastix server is connected on an IPBX Alcatel OXE by a trunk SIP.
    The Codian is connected on Elastix server by a simple SIP extension.

    The codecs used are : G711a (alaw) and H263

    Every Xlite extension can call every OXE's phone, and be called directly from ISDN by DID.
    The OXE forward the DID to the SIP trunk (Elastix server).
    Every Xlite can call a phone number to the ISDN trunk from the IPBX OXE.

    The visio-conference works fine.
    The audio are good.

    A little stuff:
    - I must use canereinvite=yes on every extension and trunk about the calls to UA phones.
    - The displayed number on every extension, the first digit is deleted. I made a custom context to add a '0' if the number of digits are upper at 4, else the '0' is not added. (The operator give us 9 digits instead of 10 digits. In the case where we need to call the phone number, the 0 will be missing).

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    nice :), thanks for sharing.

    I think you should apply for the success story contest.



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