Elastix installed on vmware fusion causing problem

Discussion in 'General' started by lesouvage, Jul 28, 2007.

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    Jul 26, 2007
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    I installed Elastix on a new `vmware virtual machine on my MacBook using VMware fusion. I'm quite familiar with Asterisk and Asterik was runing fine.

    After adding an extension and saved it I could see Asterisk reloading in the console. The IAX entry that I added during the web interface was not added to Asterisk. "IAX2 show peers" on the cli didn't show anything.

    I have some questions concerning this problem:

    1. Is Elastix supposed to work on a VMware virtual machine

      Is there anything else I should do before adding IAX entries to the system. (I allready added the services of my choice like voicemal, fax support etc.)

    Besides that the system isn't working yet I'm very positive about the gui, the way it looks and organized and the concept of the whole project. I see a bright future!<br><br>Post edited by: lesouvage, at: 2007/07/28 01:10
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    Re:Elastix installed on vmware fusion causing prob

    Are you sure you're applying the changes clicking on the freepbx red bar?

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