Elastix 2.0 Fax Viewer Issues

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    I recently installed Elastix 2.0 systems for two different customers that both want fax capabilities. For information the faxes are being sent/recevied over an ISDN PRI/30 line (connected to an OpenVox DE115E) using a dedicated DID pointing to an IAX extension and virtual fax in both cases. Inbound faxes are received OK and shown in the fax viewer on both systems. However, on one system outbound faxes are not shown in the fax viewer anymore. If I connect to the server using a Hylafax client like yajhfc I can see the faxes that have been sent so I know they are there, which is why I can't understand why the Elastix fax viewer isn't showing them.

    I have checked and can't find any bug reports for this although there are a few other users that have reported the same outbound fax viewer issue here.

    On the other system I have a different issue, both outbound and inbound faxes work OK and are shown in the viewer, but I am unable to delete some of the faxes from the viewer. When trying to delete some of the faxes a message pops up saying "cannot delete file pdf from path". Again, I can't find any bug reports but someone else has reported the same fax viewer delete issue here.

    If the customer needs to use a fax client like yajhfc, then it weakens the case for using Elastix over other packages like Trixbox as having the fax management capabilities built into the GUI is an attractive value-add feature.

    Has anyone else had problems with the fax viewer? If so I will submit a bug report. If not and only myself and a few others are afected, can anone suggest what the issue might be?


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