Elastix 2.0.3 shoud use yum update or no?

Discussion in 'General' started by arrow1, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. arrow1

    Nov 21, 2010
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    damm it

    please advice if I should use yum update on fresh 2.0.3 installation ....

    Package                                     Arch                              Version                                          Repository                                  Size
     kernel                                      i686                              2.6.18-194.26.1.el5                              updates                                     17 M
     kernel-devel                                i686                              2.6.18-194.26.1.el5                              updates                                    5.4 M
     apr-util                                    i386                              1.2.7-11.el5_5.2                                 updates                                     80 k
     elastix                                     noarch                            2.0.0-58                                         elastix-updates                             14 M
     elastix-pbx                                 noarch                            2.0.0-41                                         elastix-updates                            684 k
     freePBX                                     noarch                            2.7.0-10                                         elastix-updates                             26 M
     freetype                                    i386                              2.2.1-28.el5_5.1                                 updates                                    312 k
     freetype-devel                              i386                              2.2.1-28.el5_5.1                                 updates                                    148 k
     initscripts                                 i386                              8.45.30-3.el5.centos                             updates                                    1.6 M
     kernel-headers                              i386                              2.6.18-194.26.1.el5                              updates                                    1.1 M
     krb5-devel                                  i386                              1.6.1-36.el5_5.6                                 updates                                    1.8 M
     krb5-libs                                   i386                              1.6.1-36.el5_5.6                                 updates                                    663 k
     krb5-workstation                            i386                              1.6.1-36.el5_5.6                                 updates                                    883 k
     openldap                                    i386                              2.3.43-12.el5_5.3                                updates                                    295 k
     openssl                                     i686                              0.9.8e-12.el5_5.7                                updates                                    1.4 M
     openssl-devel                               i386                              0.9.8e-12.el5_5.7                                updates                                    1.9 M
     php                                         i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    2.3 M
     php-cli                                     i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    2.1 M
     php-common                                  i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    153 k
     php-devel                                   i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    503 k
     php-gd                                      i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    117 k
     php-imap                                    i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                     54 k
     php-mbstring                                i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    995 k
     php-mysql                                   i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                     86 k
     php-pdo                                     i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                     65 k
     php-soap                                    i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                    137 k
     php-xml                                     i386                              5.1.6-27.el5_5.3                                 updates                                     97 k
     sox                                         i386                              12.18.1-1.el5_5.1                                updates   
    Advice highly appreciate.

    Thank You
  2. Lee Sharp

    Sep 28, 2010
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    How fresh? Fresh enough that a reinstall with 2.0.2 is no big deal? We know 2.0.2 updates safely, but I think 2.0.3 is still bugged.
  3. cidwilliam

    Dec 7, 2010
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    I have successfully used yum update on a fresh 2.0.2 installation without any problems. One thing you can do to ensure that an upgrade doesn't break your Elastix system is to enable rolling back of RPM packages. Every time you go to upgrade an existing package, yum will repack the existing version and store it on the system.

    You can find a guide on how to enable roll back here:
    http://www.vincentverhagen.nl/2007/12/1 ... -5-rhel-5/

    This is particularly useful for production servers of any kind. If you want additional rollback paths, you can install etckeeper which will setup versioning of your /etc directory. It also includes a yum plugin that automatically versions any configuration changes when you perform a yum update. You can find a guide on how to use it here:

    http://www.misdivision.com/blog/how-to- ... -etckeeper

    I hope this helps.
  4. arrow1

    Nov 21, 2010
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    damm it again and dang it

    i thougt it would be ok to install 2.0.3 in production environment ehhhhh

    we used 1.6 but scsi controller just died and have to move to another platrform

    installing sangoma a101 T1 with 2.0 is again nightmare like 1.6

    i think it was not fixed ..... but this is for another post

    I am aware that 2.0.3 can be still bugged but will take that risk
  5. mihailenator@gmail.com

    Dec 21, 2010
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    I updated yesterday 2.0.3 using yum.
    So far the only issue that I had was that the extensions disappeared from the operator panel and the system thinks that there are no extensions.
    However they are still present in PBX-->PBX Configuration, just click save on every one of them and they are working again.
  6. farshidg

    Feb 5, 2012
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    does anyone know how to roll back a kernel update?

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