Elastix 2.0.0-36 with D110P on T1 line

Discussion in 'General' started by magmag, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Hi ALL,

    I"m a newbie in Asterisk, and just came across a stupid question.
    I had just purchased a D110P to be used with my Elastix on T1 line. I have followed the instructions to download the dahdi-linux tools, but after MAKE, error come out.

    "DAHDI_ATTACH_ECHOCAN failed on channel 1: Invalid argument

    and after that, the card LED light no longer blink red or stay green. I have no idea, but instead re-install the Elastix, the card Green light is back, and I can check by 'dahdi show status & dahdi show channels' that the card itself seems working.

    I have set inbound (Any DID/CID), outbound (_9) and with default zap/g0 trunk. But I cannot successfully dial out any call, only show "ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY NOW", and no inbound call.

    Can any brothers suggest me what should be my next step? I'm sorry for my low-end question, but I really hope to get help.


    Right now, I'm sorry that, I don't know what's my next step. Since, I cannot get my system working, no Inbound
  2. gl1176

    Oct 5, 2009
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    You most likely still need to configure the card for T1 CAS or PRI in:


    Once you get the card configured, you then need to set the card up in asterisk using:


    Not sure what kind T1 circuit you have, but there's a variety of setting in this config, so most likely it will be trial and error. Read the /etc/dahdi/system.conf for options.

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